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I’m taking this up again not because I have the time. I’m taking this up precisely for the opposite reason: that I don’t. Between my work and graduate school and a long distance relationship and, most recently, this new coaching venture I’m embarking upon, I feel spread thin. This does not trouble me as it once would have; I’m no longer worried about the consequences of stress and overwork. Still, I can feel that I’m losing touch with myself, and I don’t like the acid defenses I adopt as a result.

So I’m taking this up again in hopes of creating a space of dialogue and recognition. I know how much more beautiful the world is when I operate from a place of authenticity, and I want to do this as much as possible. I’m taking this up again because over the past months I’ve been pushing at others to examine their own lives, to ask themselves whether they’re happy doing what they’re doing, and whether or not they’re content with who they are, and it’s impossible for me to ask these questions of anyone without, at the same time, questioning myself.

I could attach a summary here, a brief overview of where I am right now, from the perspective of education or career or family or spirit or in terms of my relationship to myself, but I’d prefer to let this unfold. I’m writing because I want to be more accountable to myself. It’s this that matters.

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