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I survived Las Vegas. No; that’s an understatement: Las Vegas was wonderful. I had a good time there last winter (I went with a friend of mine in an attempt to escape the holidays: we chose the least Christmas-y venue we could think of, curious about what sort of human being would end up on the Strip on December 25th), but this post-New Year’s event was phenomenal. The Adult Entertainment Expo was itself a bizarrely wonderful experience, but M and I, who stayed through the entire weekend, managed to take advantage of far, far too much good food (Rosemary’s was outstanding), and one excellent show. We spent Saturday night at ICE, where I danced my legs into jelly during John Digweed’s set. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be putting it lightly: the stereotypical sense of a weekend in Vegas is not exactly my idea of a good time, but I was thoroughly impressed by the nightlife and the dining and the general voyeurism of the place. I made it back in time to put in half-a-day at the office on Monday, although my attempt at compiling a database of all the contacts I’d made was a little embarrassing. I have a pile of business cards, and stacks of material, but the starlets had started to blur together by the second day, and I’m still trying to make sense of my notes.

We drove back; I was at work on Monday, and it was only then that I realized that the winter semester was starting on Wednesday. I still feel exhausted. I’m still trying to get an idea of my workload this semseter (it’s going to be a bit more; I know I have papers due weekly; I’m a little overwhelmed already by what we’re expected to produce for my Thursday class) and still trying to readjust to the grad school mindset. It’ll happen, I’m sure. The next few months are going to push my time management skills to new levels.

This entry is the product of a dulled mind, though. I’m looking forward to establishing a necessary routine over the next few months: I’ve been keeping up with my meditation and weights and I want, desperately, to start running again. I have a feeling that I won’t be engaging in anything particularly exciting before March, when this section of classes end, but I also have the sense that this will be a period of accomplishment. I need to focus on myself for a bit. I’ve written this before.

I just finished writing a review of Jessica Vale’s (excellent) Sex Album; though I feel as though I haven’t been as productive today as I would have liked. I have another book to cover, which I’d like to get done before this weekend, and another puff piece on one of our members, but right now I’m lacking the motivation to produce anything work-related. I’m too distracted by my poorly-shaped weekend (two papers, an art project, a scary amount of reading, and the fact that I want to catch up with a small group of friends post-holiday). Sad, this; I’d just determined that one of my goals for the upcoming 6-8 months is to remain as engaged as possible at work: I want to focus on the writing I do here, and I want to affect the lives of those I write for, and those I write about. I feel fortunate to be in such a position and it bothers me when the demands of the rest of my life interfere with my ability to feel connected.

I’m going to go for a quick walk. I’m going to write more tonight. I’m going to be gentle.

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