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The Sunday Magazine this week is fanscinating. The topic is debt. The opening article — Reasons to Worry — I think, is a beautiful argument for the fact that we do all need to work together. Thinking only of yourself is foolishness; if the economy collapses, we’ll all suffer. It’s a truism to say that the US perspective of thinking in terms of individual gain is backfiring. We’re all of us part of the same social institutions, and the better and healthier those systems are, the better and healthier we’ll be. (And I know; the inverse is true as well. I just happen to think that the latter fact is the one that’s more easily overlooked.)

Though if you want a more personal angle, check out the piece on student loans. The one above it, on the problem of on-line gambling on college campuses, is also excellent. (I think I liked that one in particular because of how much I resonated with the feeling of that trap: addiction is addiction.) But do go have a look.

Because I don’t like spreading bad news, I feel compelled to tack on a little note. Don’t get let yourself be scared by all this. Fear is useful only if it leads to the restoration of a sense of security, and given that the US seems to be in a constant state of fear as is, I think the healthiest thing to do is to try and look for what it is that would make you feel safe. Forget the money angle – if the economy goes; the economy goes – and think about the fact that you have friends and family that care about you. The psuedo-luxury we’ll all used to is nothing when it comes to feeling loved, or to feeling part of a community, and these latter values are dependent only on your own sense of trust.

Love hard, people.

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