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A few unrelated* things.

1. Psychoneuroimmunology is one of the most fascinating fields I’ve ever heard of. I’d known about the relationship between stress and illness for a while, obviously, but didn’t know that PNI had a name, or that it was so extensively researched, or that neurology and the immune system were so intertwined. Awesome.

2. You know when you have one of those hit with a 2×4 insights in which you realize there’s something else you were meant to do with your life? Ai. I don’t know how I missed this. My calling is screaming so loudly I’m afraid I’m going to do something rash and stupid like quit my job and grad school (both of which I love . . . I know; it’s that intense) and end up totally undone. Expect a few impassioned entries here soon.

3. I got on a scale for the first time in months yesterday. My body has homeostasis down to an art form: I weigh, to the pound, exactly what I did last summer.

* Although ‘unrelated’ is always a lie.

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