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Dave Pollard posted, not long ago, a link and a response to a recent article in Orion Magazine. It’s a excerpt from endgame, the latest book by Derrick Jensen (one of my favorite writers). It’s painful and heart-breaking and well-worth reading; if you have time – or even if you don’t – I’d encourage you to have a look.

I wrote a quick reply to Pollard’s post, and wanted to include it here. I wrote that I found myself mostly in alignment with Jensen, but that (and I worry about this, because Jensen has seen so much more than I have and experienced much greater pain) my heart is so, so filled with such a love for this world, and not just for the brilliant biosphere, but for the tragic fear-filled and bloated persons and systems that keep stumbling toward their own misguided hopes.

Dave wrote that “love exhausts and consumes us.” It’s my belief that this is only true if we don’t love enough. I think that the only way we can afford to love the Earth is if we love the damaging systems more: we are a part of them, after all. And I don’t mean to support or to contribute to the projects they represent, but to see them for the obviously self-destructive, self-sabotaging, sadly unsustainable operations that they are.

I do not hate invididuals bent on paths of self-destruction; I feel a deep sadness and sympathy and love. It’s okay, I want to whisper. You’re okay. You don’t need to do this. It’s this attitude that I feel toward our civilization as a whole. It’s love. And this, at least as far as my heart is concerned, is the way to freedom, and that is the end of fear.

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