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Happy Indepedence Day, I think, though this holiday tastes a little bittersweet. Is it a truism to say that no one is free until we are all free? Or that it is sheer idiocy to think that we can work toward freedom abroad (not that anyone believes this is what we’re doing in the Middle East, but still . . .) while sacrificing it at home?

Happy Indepedence Day, then. Freedom is one of those fantastic things – like happiness, and like inner peace – that can only be attained by giving it to others. So go let someone you’re close to, or attached to, or that you want something from, be free. Let go of your expectations of them. Free them from whatever obligation you think they might have. Free them, and see how you’re freed in the process.

It’s a small thing, I know, but I think this is how freedom works on a grand scale, too, and this exercise is a little more simple and a little more practical than freeing your favorite political prisoner. And if this is too much, or makes no sense, than do something else small. Go out and encourage someone – preferably a stranger – to realize how beautiful it is out, and how lucky we are, and how needless our battles. Smile. Be beautiful. Be free.

While you may have seen this already, I did add this site’s blogroll to the black navigational box in the upper right. So go have a visit . . .

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