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I have accepted, belatedly, that I ought never–or never again–be a leader, or, at least, never one anyone would dare to want.

I have realized, belated, that I hold followers of any sort in deep (if shameful) contempt. I do not trust those who willingly abandon their freedom and decisions and responsibility to others; my psychology shudders, however inadvertently, at any who’d want someone else to guide their lives, or provide a poison-gift of answers; I am, finally, afraid of what I’d bring. Because were I handed the mantle of leadership, ever, I would lead only to the edge of some glorious precipice, and, into it, leap.

I would fall, of course; I am no angel, and all endings are at last the same.

(I would fall, of course, but perhaps–or certainly–some of those who followed would fly.)

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  1. Interesting. I had the great honor during the year 2000 to be a part of a team of leaders. We came individually to the idea that, while we had talents to give, we were clearly not the best person to lead our group. Once this news got out around the table – that none of us felt qualified to lead – we elected ourselves all leaders. Though our superiors were demanding a single voice, we refused, and were successful.

    I think the opportunity for that to work well is rare. However, I hope you keep yourself open to a leadership that suits you, rather than shun all leadership.

    June 26, 2010
  2. This reminds me of some things I heard Malidoma Some’ share about his tribe, the Dagara of West Africa. The idea that individuals should lead groups is not nearly as popular with that tribe as it is with people in our modern society.

    I personally believe that true leadership is an inner game and the sheep mentality is a foul someone pulled way early in the game.

    June 26, 2010
  3. meenakshi #

    i don’t really think anyone is ever ‘a leader’ or ‘a follower’. not today, when there are so many possibilities. but for a while, there are messages and guides and lights that we choose to follow or to lead or to accompany – till there is just being.

    your blogs that i’m reading today, Siona, provoke thought.

    August 8, 2010

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