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I spent part of last night poking around on Github, with the idea of setting up a simple blog there. I’d felt like writing, and I’d been reminiscing about the earlier days of the web, and that sweet sense of writing into the ether rather than into or for a known community, of sending out a signal that was as much to myself as anyone, and not knowing what other intelligences might respond.

After a few hours of poking around with code and commits, trying to get the Github blog closer to an aesthetic I found palatable, I came back here. It felt a little like returning to a past life– so much has happened since I last wrote consistently– but a little like returning home, too, to posts and pages that are unabashedly public, and less a response to media and existing story than the articulation of something within. Writing here has always felt like contributing or creating to a new world.

I spent the rest of last night typing revisions into a screenplay I fell in love with some sixteen years ago, when I was a freshman at college and a senior paid me 20 dollars to copyedit his thesis. The thesis turned out to be a script; it was by far the most vivid, and certainly the most visionary, literary experience of my university career; if anyone had told me at the time that I’d end up producing the thing– much less that doing so would have lead me both through the Oval Office and to a new life in LA– I’d have been utterly incredulous. The world weaves itself in strangely beautiful ways.


Last night was both the summer solstice and a full strawberry moon. The heat during the day here has been incredible; the evenings serene. N. and I went up to the roof deck after dinner to gaze at the largest moon I’d seen since landing in Los Angeles.

This city feels perpetually dreamy; in the cyclonic way it both draws in dreamers and spins their visions out into a mass cultural semiotics that takes up residence in the minds of millions upon millions of others; in the way its myriad fantasies all teeter of the precarious cusp of manifestation; in the beautiful illusion of it all.

It is a delightful thing to be a part of.

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  1. Barbara Joy Laffey #

    How lovely to receive this missive today! Just this morning you popped into my thoughts as I realized I hadn’t seen any of your blogs or tweets for quite some time. Nice to know we’re still connected on the psychic level! xoxo BJ

    June 21, 2016
  2. Yes! Oh, BJ. Much is afoot. We’ll have to catch up soon.

    June 21, 2016

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