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What question wants to escape
from this screen– past iris
and pupil and lens &– into something assumed
to be meaning?

The common denominator of all words is that they lack a voice,
and– mute– can only be spoken.

What is it that you
and words have
in common?

To construct the architecture of the body such that it is made into
a vehicle capable of the syllabic is part of the art
of being human.

Pronunciation is the opposite
of renunciation. Speak! 
But I cannot.

la la la lalalalal


Synonymy is an allusion;

Everything can be read into
the point where language fails.

Blink once for yes.
Blink twice for no.

With every blink the eyes realign. It is this staccato that maintains
an illusion of focus; without the constant stutter the world would appear
to leap

Involuntary. Volatile. Inviolate. It is all in the eyes, this beheading.
Untie the green ribbon and locate the jugular vein. Vanity is a pale
imitation of bloodletting.

Is there blood in your eyes?
Blink once for yes.
The rose-colored glasses, they suit you.

Everything can be read up to a point.

Everything except this. This
is pointless.

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  1. When my uncle was dying during the time I was in high school, blink once, blink twice, was how he communicated. I like the ending here.

    March 23, 2018
  2. Gary #

    And for communication, I have come across, << Blink the left eye for “Yes”, and blink the right eye for “No” >>… and also, << Tap the finger once for “Yes”, and twice for “No” >>. Now I’ve learned the French for “investigation”… thanks! Btw., IMHO this is a worthy effort. I like the ending too, except for the fact, “This is pointless” is too self-effacing! P.S., I like the actual voice idea too.

    November 5, 2018

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