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I just got back from seeing An Inconvenient Truth.

I can’t say enough about this film. Please go see it. (I only wish I could impart how serious I am. If you can’t afford the ticket, or are remotely ambivalent about spending the money, tell me. I’ll buy you one on Fandango.) It had it s problems – what movie doesn’t? – but they’re nothing compared to the significance of the lesson.

I’ve admired Al Gore for years – I read Earth in the Balance shortly after it first came out and the vivid passion and intelligence of the book couldn’t fail to win me over – and this cinematographic synopsis of what he’s committed himself to, and why, is overwhelmingly powerful. The thing that’s the most wonderful is how beautifully inspiring and empowering and motivational the movie is. The facts it lays out are brutal and undeniable, but the vision Gore paints of an accessible future is clear. He manages to present the attainable project of a generation — something that’s truly meaningful, something of such critical importance, and something that concerns not just humanity, but so many other species on earth. It’s a profoundly touching film.

While I’m tempted to write here about I was encouraged to redouble my own efforts to reduce my own ecological footprint, I’ll spare you, and trust that after seeing this movie, you’ll feel similarly inspired. Again, please, please, please go see it. This will, perhaps, sound strange, but I don’t think I’ve seen such a carefully apolitical movie, nor one so responsible, nor one so non-blaming, in ages. And this will sound stranger – given Gore’s reputation – but I’m not sure I’ve seen such a human film either. I don’t know. Go watch it yourself. Please.

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